Reasons for Young People to Volunteer

1. Gain Job Experience Volunteer experience looks great on a resume. Also, some of the work you do could lead to a job doing similar work.

2. Improve Your Health and Self-Esteem Volunteering to help others has been shown to reduce stress, give you hope, and boost your self-esteem.

3. Meet Real Community Needs Helping people learn to read, or get basic food, clothing, shelter or furniture makes a huge difference! Whether the project is planting a tree or tutoring children, the community will look and feel better.4. Gain Entrance to College Colleges and universities today are looking for applicants who have more than high grades. They are looking for well-rounded people who have volunteered to make a difference in their communities.

5. Meet New People and Establish Friends, Connections, and References When you work alongside others, you really get to know them and become friends with them! Also, adults at organisations can connect you to great opportunities and provide you with a reference for a job or college.

6. Gain New Skills and Develop Talents Whether you enjoy working with computers, children, or seniors, any interest you have can be developed through volunteering.

7. Spread Positive Energy! Just like random acts of kindness, when you volunteer, your energy and efforts affect the whole community.

8. Make the World a Better Place If you see problems in your community that you feel need addressing, do something about them. By volunteering, you do make a difference and help make the world a better place.

9. Personal Growth By taking on new tasks you will learn more about both people and life.

10. It’s Fun! Volunteering will bring laughter and smiles into your life.


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